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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Xiaolangdi Dam 小浪底 opens the floodgates

 The purpose of opening the floodgates to send millions of tons of silt downstream of the Yellow River. Bystanders are dwarfed as they stand watching a tremendous rush of water gushing through gaps in a dam in China, part of a carefully-choreographed operation to remove silt from the Yellow River in Luoyang, in the Henan province. This annual operation sees more than 30 million tonnes of silt sent downstream a year, with more than 390 million tonnes shifted this way over the last 13 years.
 The Xiaolangdi Dam (小浪底) is a dam in Jiyuan, Henan Province, China, and impounds the Yellow River. The facility is located about 20 km to the northwest of Luoyang. It has a total installed capacity of 1,836 MW and generates up to 5.1 TWh annually with the help of six 306 MW turbines. The dam stands 154 m tall and 1,317 m wide, and cost US$3.5 billion to build. Constructed in 1994, Xiaolangdi Dam regulates water and silt flow annually. The Dam is a multi-function project designed for flood control, ice control, dredging, industrial and municipal water supply, and hydroelectric power generation.

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